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With no first-round pick in upcoming draft Colangelo’s wizardry will be put to the test

8 February 2010 8 Comments

Due to the Jermaine O’neal trade, the Toronto Raptors do not have a pick in the upcoming draft (goes to Miami), which means the Toronto Raptors and their returning players will have to look to Bryan Colangelo to make the most of the little cap space and assets we have to ensure we have a comfortable depth level next year as well.

The Good News

Marcus Banks, and his toxic contract, will become an expiring one and will become a piece that is put in play either during the off-season or during the 2010-2011 season, likely near the deadline, when his contract will be even more valuable.

Bryan Colangelo has intimated that MLSE may be willing to enter the luxury tax zone to remain competitive.

If and when we retain Bosh, we will have our entire core locked up long-term.

1st round picks have guaranteed contracts, and a prospect does not really help a team looking to playoffs and conference contention.

The Bad News

Key reserves Antoine Wright and Amir Johnson will both be coming off the books, and both will be looking for pay increases. Now this may not be feasible with the NBA proposing a hard cap and the salary cap expected to drop once again next year. Expect one or both to leave the team this summer looking for larger contracts. I would lobby to keep Amir, and to trade Wright before the deadline, if for no other reason, as to add another asset under contract, as Wright has been playing very well for the Raptors lately.

Developing another young, gifted player alongside Bargnani, Bosh and DeRozan may be necessary as Hedo will be 30+ next season and Calderon, though seen as a core piece for this team, has shown that he is not the answer for this franchise at the point guard position.

Once again in the good news department, as the title of this article suggests, Bryan Colangelo is indeed a wizard and Raptor nation can rest assured that we will be a competitor in the Eastern conference next year, no matter what happens.

What do you think Raptor fans??
Does not having a draft pick hurt us, or help us??
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  • EarthJuice said:

    I have been fretting about the lack of a 1st round draft choice this year since the Miami trade.

    Getting an understudy for Hedo is vital.

    SF Stanley Robinson of UCONN has me all googly-eyed. Low and behold, he is actually rated right around where Miami is picking in a number of mock drafts.

    I recall BC saying last season, after the Miami trade, that they acquired some sort of draft exception, that would enable them to get a 1st round draft choice this year if they so desired.

    The thinking being, he said, with teams leery of the cap coming down next season, they may not want to take on a guaranteed contract.

    I have emailed Doug Smith about this a few times, but could not get an answer.

    I cant get my head around how this draft exception thing (if thats what its called) works.

    Obviously, we would get a 1st round draft choice, but what would the other team get in return.

    Im positive I was not dreaming when I heard BC speak of this on The Fan but I cannot find ANYTHING online about it.

    When I saw the headline of this article, I was hoping the writer would mention it.

    Anyone else heard about this?


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:


    I have not heard anything about a draft exception; the pick is lottery protected and that means if we finish out of the playoffs we still get the pick, otherwise it is the Heat’s.

    Losing out on this pick, is in my view, really going to hurt the Raptors long-term, but a deal can be swung for one if BC really wants one for a player he covets, BC has commented that it is not usually worth the asking price considering you have to give up an asset or money (millions) and than have to pay the player on top of that, so it has to be a player you are really keen on.

    Finding our way into the first round would be a major coup for the Raptors


  • Mars Blackmon said:

    “Calderon, though seen as a core piece for this team, has shown that he is not the answer for this franchise at the point guard position.”

    Thanks for being honest


  • Boko said:

    With Reggie Evans coming back, we can afford to lose Amir Johnson from the rotation. And Antoine Wright wouldn’t even be in my rotation come playoff time. Turkoglu, DeRozan, Belinelli & Weems are all better swings. That’s already one too many for a tight rotation! Bye, bye Wright! The only free agant to worry about this summer is, – tada – Chris Bosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • William said:

    I really like Calderon. I think that if Calderon was traded it would be a huge mistake. I think we have one, if not the best PG combo’s in the league. He comes in off the bench and runs the 2nd unit perfectly. It’s not about who starts the game but who finishes and correct me if im wrong but he’s been on the floor at the end of most games. I am really pumped to see Evans back on the floor tonight, even though it will be limited minutes. I really don’t even know if we have to make a trade although it would be nice but that all depends on what we would have to give up. If the big Turk can keep up his play of late and be the player we though he would be, I think the Raps can really make some noise come the playoffs. GO RAPTORS…. and another thing, if you’re going to the game, make some noise people


  • Martin said:

    No playoffs for the Raptors and the reality is that Bosh is leaving likely via a sign and trade…

    That being said, it’s time to clean house…first and foremost, they must start at the top…get rid of Colangelo, Triano and the rest of the coaching staff…oh and that useless looking Maurizio Geraldini (or whatever his name is)…everyone praises Colangelo, but what has he really done? Even in Phoenix he never brought them a championship…they were not even close to winning the championship. All they were was a high scoring team that couldn’t play defence…hmm?…coincidence? The only difference is that the Raptors also can’t rebound…

    Turkoglu was another Colangelo bust (just like TJ Ford, Marion and O’Neal)…no team will want that old smiling loser and Toronto will be stuck with his overinflated salary.

    I’m not sure where Bosh will go, but he will likely do it in a respectable manner. Therefore a sign and trade is likely.

    The Raptors should be able to get a decent player in return for Calderon.

    They must resign Weems…he is the biggest upside on this team…he can score, rebound and play D…he is still young, he’s going to be good…

    If Bosh does leave, Toronto should trade Calderon for a high quality, strong, tough rebounding and defence playing centre. That way Andrea can drop back to the PF position where he belongs.

    Anyways I am sure that everyone has there own views of what should happen to the Raptors…but I guess the reality is that only time will tell…



  • Orlanzo said:

    Brian Colangelo, has not done anything for the city of toronto.

    It is clear that Sam Mitchell, receiving the coach of the year was the only reason why a dry up rich spoiled undeserving maniac like Colangelo could win executive of the year.

    yes Mitchell received all the blame while colangelo hauled in all the praises.

    The toronto Raptors always handycap themselves. How can you win without good players. Player dont perform on this team, yet they log over 30 min agame. That means the bench have about 14-18 min to rescue the starters. How silly

    Raptors wanna win without a good coach
    Raptors wanna win without a good center(rebounds)
    Raptors wanna win without a good small forward (rebound and scoring)
    Raptors wanna win without a playing sonny weem and Johnson
    Raptors wanna win with calderon and turk (impossible)

    We need a leader in the head office. the emotional piter pater this organization it dealing with is really causing their fans to suffer.

    Colangelo you can hire your friends, family, all of europe, but the real reason you were brought here is to win.
    You are wierd bc.


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:

    I feel you man, and your frustrations


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