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Toronto Raptors have chance to trade Jose Calderon

24 February 2012 10 Comments

The debate over whether or not to trade Jose Calderon is sure to be a controversial one, but when teams start to show interest in your 30 year old point guard who makes $9.781 million this year and $10.562 million the next, you listen…hard, especially when that contract has a 15% trade kicker.

It was just last year following Michael Jordan and Larry Brown’s refusal to take Jose Calderon, that Jose’s contract was considered toxic and pretty much unmoveable. Fast forward to this season and the Toronto Sun, ESPN and the Globe and Mail are all reporting that there is significant interest in Jose around the league.

Trading Jose will be hard for some to fathom as many do not believe that Jerryd Bayless is ready for a full-time starters job, but let us all remember that Bayless was fantastic last season in 14 starts at point guard with 18.1 points, 6.7 assists, 1 steal and 1.2 threes per game on .467% shooting.

Holding onto a 30-year old point guard who is not in the teams future plans makes little to no sense, but Bryan Colangelo has not always been the most sensible person in his tenure as Toronto Raptors general manager.

Trading Calderon would also potentially help us to a couple more losses this season which is significant as the draft standings are more important than the conference standings this year.

The Lakers, owners of two late first round picks come to mind as a possible trading partner as they have a $8.9 million dollar trade exception. A package including Devin Ebanks and two late first round picks should be enough for Colangelo to release his death grip on his aging point guard.

Trading Jose Calderon will not be a simple matter as the Raptors will need to look to maximize their return, but the question of whether or not to trade a point guard on the wrong side of 30 who also happens to be among the worst defenders in the league at any position, should be a no-brainer.

Let’s hope Bryan Colangelo uses his.

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  • bigmanshaq said:

    if we are trading with the lakers, we should definitely consider their prized rookie draftee darius morris. he stands 6’4 and has the instinct of a PG (i believe he led his conference in assist in college), we should look at this guy before we take on another SF to our already crowded forward spots.


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:

    Hey Scott,

    You are right, he would be a much better option than Ebanks

    Good look


  • PBJake said:

    What do you mean keeping Jose makes no sense? Look at it this way, we’re in for significant talent upgrade next year from the draft, which means the core is going to be pretty young. So, who anchors the team? Certainly not “two late first round picks” or Bayless.

    If you take Jose’s age out of the equation, having any PG with Jose’s calibre, who practically averages a double-double in this league will not cost you significantly less. Besides, who are some big name PG FA’s you can go after this off-season? If you can make a play Deron Williams, then it’s a no-brainer.

    Rather, if Jose comes back next season, being his contract-year of $10 mil and only 1 year removed this year’s productivity, the puzzle pieces automatically assemble themselves for the following reasons:
    1) You don’t need to worry about the PG position. Ideally, you trade Bayless and get a young, but pass-first PG who can be mentored for a few seasons Jose remains a starter
    2) Jose excels at PnR. And so do Andrea, Amir, and apparently Valanciunas. You get athleticism at wing with DeMar and a 3 (likely being a lottery pick) for lobs.
    3) Swallow up his last contract year, sign Jose short-term for much less after that, which is very possible if Raptors are able to finally dab feet into playoffs. Now you got a back-up PG for another few years.
    4) You can go on and on with intangibles like team chemistry, loyalty, leadership…

    I think keeping Jose makes a lot more sense than trading him, if you think a little bit long-term.
    I agree in the fact that the one who should be on the block is Bayless, whose playing style is too similar to Barbosa, and his stock is not being helped by his injury and overall regression from past season.

    I want this to pan out in my ideal world: Jose stays, Bayless and Davis go. We end up with a late 1st rounder that we use for a pass-first PG prospect. Jose, the rookie, and Barbosa (occasionally) handle the 1 spot.


    PBJake Reply:

    I misread your stance on Bayless, who you think can man the starting spot by highlighting his stats as a starter.
    In my opinion, Bayless is not a point guard. Plain and simple. In his career highlight of 14 games last season as a starter, Bayless managed 6.7 assists. This is okay, not good. This season, he averaged 23 minutes and 2.9 assists. That is definitely not good. I understand that racking up assists is not his style, but I also think that Raptors have a lot of players who need to be set up for open looks. So the makeup of this team just would not fit in with Bayless starting over a longer period. 14 games is too small of a sample size for someone to be evaluated as a starter.


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:

    Hey Jake,

    I will disagree, 6.7 assists is pretty rock solid

    Not Paul or D-Will elite, but I will trade Jose’s three extra assists for Bayless’ extra 7 points a game

    6.7 assists would be top-15 in the league, and yes, I agree he needs another audition because he obviously has not won over management and fans yet


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:

    Hey Jake,

    Interesting take

    Personally I am not a believer in having 30 year olds on a rebuilding team, especially when a potential replacement is already on the team

    The Raps can try to get Flynn duing the off-season to adress depth at the position or perhaps even try to land Darius Morris if a deal for Calderon can be worked out with the Lakers

    I am thinking that Ed Davis may have to go as well, but it may also be Amir

    With the amount of talented PF’s in the top 10 in this years draft we may have to deal one or two or our PF’s if we manage to land one of those top prospects


  • CalgaryRapsFan said:

    Trading Calderon to the Lakers is not possible using the TPE they got in the Odom deal – TPE must be large enough to cover 100% of the player’s salary on its own. The only way the Raptors could trade Calderon straight-up to the Lakers is if they were willing to take back some bad salary (ie: Walton, Blake, Fisher), which BC said he was unwilling to do. It would have to be a multi-team deal, with a team that has significant cap space to take back LA’s bad contracts, which would likely need a few draft picks to compensate. Bottom line: unlikely that Calderon gets dealt to Lakers.


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:

    Yes Calgary,

    Yes, they would need to add someone like Darius Morris or Devin Ebanks to get within 25% to make the deal possible, or they could just add cash


  • Hasan said:

    You can’t combine players with trade exceptions. Trade exceptions don’t follow the simultaneous trade rules where you have to be within 50 percent, changed from 25 percent.

    When you make a deal with trade exceptions, it can only be the size of the trade exception +100K since its a non-simultaneous trade.

    Ya dig?


    Raju aka RaptorCity Reply:


    Thanks for the information


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